President's Message

Welcome to the Northwest Territories Housing Corporation (NWTHC) website.  This site provides details on the housing programs and services that are available to residents and stakeholders.   The NWTHC’s strategic framework, Building for the  Future, provides an overarching framework for the strategic priorities and actions for the NWTHC for years to come.

The NWTHC has made tremendous strides in meeting many of these priorities already.   In strengthening public housing we developed and implemented a new public housing rent scale designed to address the disincentive to work and not create barriers for people improving their well-being.   We’ve improved the accessibility of homeownership programming and created a new emergency repair program for when homeowners are facing unexpected repairs.  To reach out to families in market housing that are struggling to pay their bills and spend more than 30% of their gross income on their shelter costs we’ve implemented the Transitional Rent Supplement program. 

The NWTHC is coordinating with, and supporting a range of public and private agencies to address gaps in the housing continuum including addressing emergency shelter needs, supporting transitional housing and creating more market housing in small communities.  Further to market housing, critical community service workers such as teachers and nurses have at times found it challenging to find affordable housing.  To meet this demand the NWTHC is expanding its market housing program by constructing 100 units over the next 3 years.   The NWTHC, recognizing the upcoming surge in the Seniors population has created and will be creating more supportive independent seniors’ housing complexes in rural and remote communities. 

Forging ahead, the NWTHC recognizes further work is required to address the housing needs of the residents of the NWT.   We will continue to incorporate alternative energy technology and retrofit upgrades into the design of social and market housing units that promotes energy efficiency, extends and modernizes the units and reduces our carbon footprint.     Part of strengthening the provision of housing on the local front also means bringing it forward nationally by working with our provincial and territorial counterparts to continue to bring housing issues forward at the federal level and make it a significant part of the national discussion. The priorities that are being brought forward are key to ensuring housing in the North is suitable, adequate and affordable for future generations of Northerners.  In the upcoming months, the NWTHC will be updating its strategic action plan to help guide our activities over the next four years. We encourage Northerners to engage and provide feedback on our action plan so that we can be as responsive as possible to the housing needs of our residents.

Our website provides information about programs and services designed to address the needs of residents across the housing spectrum, from those facing homelessness to others interested in purchasing their first home.   If you have any questions about any of our programs contact your local housing organization or District Office or call us at -1-844-NWT-HOME. 

To everyone that visits our website…welcome.