Leasing a NWTHC Home

HELP (Homeownership Entry Level Program)

HELP is intended for prospective first-time homebuyers and provides an opportunity for persons not able to secure mortgage financing, or who are unsure of their abilities as homeowners, to assume the responsibilities of homeownership before purchasing a home.

The program involves tenants leasing units from the NWTHC at affordable standardized rents based on geographic zones.  Tenants are responsible for the payment of utilities.  The program also offers homeownership educational opportunities through STEP courses.

At any time within four years of leasing, the tenant may purchase the unit.  A purchase incentive of $20,000 is provided for purchasing the unit within two years of leasing and $10,000 if it is purchased between two to four years of leasing.  After four years rents are increased for tenants that want to remain leasing the units.