Educational Courses (STEP)

The Solutions to Education Persons (STEP) Program provides clients with comprehensive, thorough counselling and educates people on acquiring the skills needed to be successful homeowners. All components include discussion and hands-on involvement by the participants. STEP consists of four modules each 6.5 hours in duration. Applicants attend specific STEP modules based on the program for which they have applied. The general public may request to attend STEP; however, priority is given to program applicants.

  • Financial Skills l: Budgeting
    • To teach the importance of money management.
    • To assist participants in setting and achieving financial goals
  • Financial Skills ll: Banking and Credit
    • To develop an understanding of various banking systems.
    • To illustrate how banks make the decision to approve credit.
    • To share the principles of debt management and using credit prudently
    • To explain how participants can establish and/or repair their credit history.
  • Home Purchase
    • To help participants determine their readiness to become homeowners
    • To help participants identify the factors to consider when choosing a suitable home.
    • To help participants understand the mortgage application and approval process and the additional cost of buying a home.
  • Home Maintenance/Repair
    • To teach participants about basic home maintenance and repairs, through visual and hands-on instruction.
    • Participants are given clear instructions regarding what maintenance and repair tasks they should not do themselves.
    • Course material involves: electrical, heating and plumbing maintenance and repair; basic home repair and home safety and preventative maintenance.