The NWTHC and the Government of the Northwest Territories (GNWT) want to ensure that any interested businesses are provided with a fair opportunity to compete on NWTHC and GNWT contracts.

The NWTHC follows the GNWT Contract Regulations which provide the primary rules for tendering and awarding contracts. Cabinet must approve any exception to these rules.

Contract Opportunities

The NWTHC utilizes the GNWT Contract Registry system to list tenders valued at $5,000 and over.  The GNWT Contract Registry, Reporting System provides a central list of all tenders and proposals. It is open to the public and supports the Business Incentive Policy (BIP) by enhancing transparency in government contracting.

For information about current NWTHC and GNWT contract opportunities as well as view tender results please visit

Electronic Plans Room

In 2010, the NWTHC began listing some tenders electronically with the NWT Construction Association.  These contract opportunities are also listed on the GNWT Contract Registry.

Electronic tendering allows bidders an opportunity to view and download the tender documents without printing.

For information about current NWTHC (and GNWT) contract opportunities that are in an electronic format please visit the NWT Construction Association's Electronic Plan Room at

As the Electronic Plan Room is owned by the NWT Construction Association, any costs for accessing the Electronic Plan Room is set by the NWT Construction Association and not the NWTHC or the GNWT.

NOTE: Tender Bids are still required to be submitted in hard copy form to the NWTHC according to the tender documents, at the specified address, and by the specified date and time.  

For assistance, please contact your regional NWTHC District Office.