Strategic Framework

The 17th Legislative Assembly has identified addressing housing needs as one of its five priorities for action.  Specifically, the 17th Legislative Assembly has identified the following priority:  “Addressing housing needs by completing and implementing the Shelter Policy Review including fair and sustainable public housing rent scales, selling our public housing stock where this makes sense, and putting higher density housing units in small communities.”

The Shelter Policy Review included a variety of components, including widespread engagement with territorial residents and stakeholder groups, an analysis of housing conditions and current programs and services along the housing continuum, an evaluation of the Housing Choices programs offered through the NWTHC to assess their overall effectiveness and efficiency, and a review of the rent scales currently charged to public housing tenants.

The NWTHC released a strategic framework for housing, Building for the Future: Northern Solutions for Northern Housing on April 16, 2012, which is the result of the Shelter Policy Review completed in 2011-2012. This strategic framework is the result of the recently completed Shelter Policy Review carried out by the Government of the Northwest Territories (GNWT.)  The Review was led by the NWTHC and the Department of the Executive and involved an extensive examination of housing need across the NWT.

The strategic framework builds on the success of existing housing programs and services, incorporates changes where they are needed, and proposes new programming and services where gaps were identified in meeting the housing needs of NWT residents across the spectrum, from homelessness to homeownership.  The feedback and input by NWT residents was very important to the review process and impacted the strategic direction that is outlined in the strategic framework.

The change to the public housing rent scale is one element of the strategic priorities outlined in Building for the Future – Northern Solutions for Northern Housing. The priority areas include the following:

  • Strengthening Public Housing
  • Improving Homeownership Supports
  • Increasing Housing Options in Non-Market Communities
  • Improving Housing Services
  • Strengthening the Approach to Homelessness and Transition Housing
  • Addressing Housing Challenges for the Working Poor
  • Developing Infrastructure Solutions Based on Individual and Community Needs
  • Addressing Declining Federal Funding

A copy of Building for the Future: Northern Solutions for Northern Housing can be found here.