New housing complexes being built in the Inuvialuit Settlement Region

Inuvialuit Communications Society talks to Mr. Duane Smith, Chair and Chief Executive Officer of the Inuvialuit Regional Corporation
about the new housing complexes being built in the Inuvialuit Settlement Region communities by Nappaq. Link

Under the federal government’s Investment in Affordable Housing the Inuvialuit Regional Corporation received $15 million for housing projects in the six Inuvialuit Settlement Region communities.

The Inuvialuit Regional Corporation​and the NWT Housing Corporation entered into a joint agreement where the Inuvialuit Regional Corporation​ will construct new social housing units that will, upon completion, be added to the NWT’s public housing inventory. The Inuvialuit Regional Corporation​ and the NWTHC are participating on a joint Project Management Team to guide the delivery of these social housing units.