Homelessness in Yellowknife: Community Partnership Forum

The Homelessness in Yellowknife: Community Partnership Forum was a valuable opportunity for the community to examine the challenges of homelessness as well as to bring forward possible solutions and actions to address the problem.  The forum invited a comprehensive group of community members representing a range of sectors.  Participants contributed their knowledge about the state of homelessness based on years of experience.

As a result of this forum the community will move forward on creating a strategic plan to address homelessness in Yellowknife through the work of two groups:

The first group, led by the Mayor of Yellowknife, will review, prioritize and analyze all the recommendations brought forward through the forum.
The second group, led by non-governmental organizations and supported by the Government of the Northwest Territories (GNWT), will be responsible for identifying barriers and duplication in current homelessness programming.

To read a summary report of the forum, please click HERE.